Story Behind the Shot: June 23, 2021

This video was captured on a pristine, remote lake in Vermont. This is the kind of lake where, if you get out there far enough, there are no other humans for miles. We spent a week camping on its shores and saw more fish than people in that time.

We took a canoe and a few kayaks across the lake for about 5 miles until we got to our campsite. The spot we picked was on a small peninsula with a sheltered cove just behind it and plenty of good trees for hammocks.

The weather was gorgeous for the first day but things quickly got rough. We endured a few rainy days and a few very cold nights before waking up to this beautiful morning. This was our 4th day out there and we were all ready for some sun.

We hit the water and fished for hours. There were ideal spots all around our camp filled with hungry bass. In one spot, I had 4 bass blow up on my lure in a row! It was the best day of fishing I think I’ve ever had.

I had a couple GoPros with me and shot some video while we were out on the water. I think this video gives you a solid idea of just how good the fishing was. I still can’t believe what happened that day.


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