Story Behind the Shot: March 7, 2020

After the Cold War Surf contest, I met up with a couple friends a bit further north on LBI. They’re locals and knew the area really well, so I knew the spot they suggested would probably be firing. Turns out it was! Unfortunately, I didn’t have any gear with me to surf, so I stayed on the beach and shot a few photos. That turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

The current on this day was absolutely ripping out of the north. I stood in one place and watched as countless surfers went drifting past me – the current seemed to be moving even faster than anyone could paddle. That said, the conditions were stellar and I also watched countless perfect lefts go unridden with a few lucky guys getting sweet barrels.

I shot a lot of photos while I stood there watching, and got some shots I really liked. I feel like this one kinda captures the mood of the day – endlessly walking back up the beach, exhausted from fighting the current, watching as perfection goes by just out of reach. I bet these two guys were both thinking the same thing – damn.

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