Skateboard, Don’t Commute

As someone who lives in a really crowded area in the most crowded state in the USA, I hit traffic constantly while driving. Never is this worse than at rush hours. I hate it. People in my area cannot drive well at all. As the roads get crowded, these people totally fall apart. That’s why I skate to class and work whenever it’s nice enough outside.

Beating traffic and avoiding idiotic drivers isn’t the only reason to skate to work or school. Skateboards are pretty small and light. They also don’t need any special parking or storage. All you need to do is throw it under a desk, in a locker, or in a corner somewhere. Skateboards can be carried anywhere too. If you need to take a train or bus, you can easily take a board with you. In that way, skateboards can go places bikes can’t. Just ask the skateboarding professor. This guy is a 69 year old professor at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, and he’s been skateboarding to work since 1993. Check him out in this video.

Taken from Jenken Mag.

Besides being practical and portable, skateboards are fun. Commuting isn’t fun, no matter what car you drive. On top of that, skateboarding is a sick workout, especially if you need to go up any hills. If you don’t like the sound of that, just think….you get to bomb those hills going home. As if you needed another reason to skateboard, it’s also cheaper than commuting. You don’t need gas, and you don’t need to pay to park. Give it a try on the next nice day.

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