Music for Shredding // Pt. 1

For a playlist of every song in this post, click here.

If you’re like me and a ton of other skaters or snowboarders, you like to listen to music when you ride. Obviously we’re not the only ones who enjoy music – just look at all the headphones in the gym or jogging around town. Music has the powerful ability to take the mind to a far away place. I find people listen to music when they do other things because they want to take the mental aspect out – that can be a good thing if your mind is saying “STOP it hurts!” or “NOOO too scary!” When you stop thinking, that’s when you get into “the zone.”

But, the question isn’t why we listen, its why we listen to what we do. I love lots of music, and I love shredding, so I shred to lots of different music. In the end, it all falls into two general categories that I just made up: “Cruising It,” and “Killing It.”

For When You’re Just Cruising..

For the record, cruising doesn’t mean riding like a kook. Cruising means riding just inside your limits, not pushing hard, but not slacking. For this kind of riding, I like tunes with a more relaxed vibe. I still need a steady, driving beat but with a happy, relaxed, less intense feeling. Let me give you an example..

This song is by French Kiwi Juice (FKJ). He’s a DJ I’ve really been digging lately. Most of his tracks have a similar vibe. If you like this, you should check out tracks like Instant Need and Lying Together, and maybe buy his EP. Electronic music has really had my ears the last little while, so here’s another example of some serious vibes..

I don’t know much about Sorrow but I stumbled on this on Mr.SuicideSheep’s YouTube channel. That channel is full of similar stuff if you dig this, and I’ve spent hours just listening to song after song. Another great group with a slightly different style is Thievery Corporation. Pretty much anything by them is great, but check out Heaven’s Gonna Burn Your Eyes, and All That We Perceive.

If you like hip hop, you should check this out..

I’ve been getting really into classics like this lately. AZ in particular has a real smooth flow, and Rather Unique has a great beat. This kind of hip hop is chill but not dull, and I dig that. Along similar lines, I’ve also been listening to Everyday Struggle by Biggie. You should check out this song by Danny Drive Thru too. I had never heard of him until I heard this track in a video part and now it’s on my go-to playlist.

For those more into alternative or rock type stuff, check out Apocalypse Dreams by Tame Impala..

Tame Impala is sick. I love music with that psychedelic vibe. That driving beat combined with the trippy sounds and searing melody gets me every time. If you dig this check out Restraining Order by Anarchicks, and The Boat Song by The Black Angels. Actually, anything by The Black Angels is worth a listen..

That’s all for now. Keep your eyes open for the next part of this post series. I’ll talk about more intense music for pushing the limits. If you have any song suggestions or think I missed something, comment down below.

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