Waves of New Jersey (Gallery)

These are some of my favorite shots of the surf in NJ that I’ve taken over the years. I love capturing the feel of an empty, perfect wave – as a surfer, these photos get me going and make me want to paddle out! Despite the way it looks, I also love the dark “chocolate brown” color of the water in some of these shots – it really gives it that ominous, heavy feel. I have great memories of each of these sessions and I’m hoping we have more of this coming our way this spring!

California 2012 (Gallery)

So there’s a ton of old stuff in the archives that I’ve never posted – I’m slowly starting to go through it and I’ll be posting more soon. This gallery is from a trip to California back in 2012. It was an epic adventure down the PCH from Yosemite to San Francisco then down to LA. Here’s a bunch of images from along the way.

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US Open of Surfing 2012 (Gallery)

Just going thru some old work. I shot these photos in Huntington Beach, CA at the 2012 US Open of Surfing. Got to meet some cool people and watch some of the best surfers tear up small but rippable HB. Shot with Nikon D7000 and Sigma 150-500mm.

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You’re (NOT) Too Old to Skateboard..

Anytime I hear someone say anything along the lines of “You’re too old to skateboard” I cry a little inside.

How depressing is it to hear that as a result of time spent, experience gained, and blood shed, you’re now past the prime and shouldn’t be doing it? The same applies for any board-sport, and my answer to the haters is the same in any case: you don’t get it. Nothing is worse than self-righteous rants by people who have no idea what they’re talking about. I skate because I love it. Its a feeling that I get. There’s no way I’d stop just because someone else thought I was being immature or irresponsible. Besides, doing something consistently for a long time is a great way to become really good at it and get some confidence. When you have that confidence (not cockiness) its easier to shred more and get hurt less, which is helpful when your recovery times start to drop.

On top of that, skating for me is like going to the gym for others. I wouldn’t tell someone to stop doing their thing because I think its a bad idea though. I skate as much as I can (almost every day depending on weather), and every time I do it makes me feel better. It helps me loosen up, get in a rhythm, push myself a bit, and get a good workout too. I’d much rather keep on skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding for as long as I possibly can than do anything else.

You could say I live for it.