Costa Rica 2014 (Gallery)

Costa Rica is a beautiful place – the waves are perfect, the weather is nice (unless it’s the rainy season), and the people are friendly. Plus, I love the fact that there are so many different waves, all within a short drive – you got beach breaks, point breaks, and reef breaks all around. All you really need to access all this is a 4×4 vehicle capable of taking you down some bumpy dirt roads through the jungle. Tamarindo is a great base camp for these types of missions since there are great spots all around it.

These photos are out of the archive from a trip to Costa in 2014. It was an epic first taste of what the country has to offer, and I’ll definitely be going there on a surf trip again soon. I didn’t get any surf photos on this trip, but we didn’t have anyone to shoot while we were all out in the water! Either way, check out the photos below for a little taste of the beauty this country has to offer.


Abandoned (Gallery)

More digging has been done! This time into one of my favorite areas of photography – abandoned buildings. There’s just something strangely beautiful about a place that has been left behind and forgotten. In my experience,  places take on a whole new meaning once they’re abandoned and they tend to get pretty surreal. Below are a few images where I tried to capture the surreal aspects of these places. Cheers!

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BW Film Photography (Gallery)

Did some more digging recently and came up with these black and white photos I took with an old Nikon film SLR some years back. I have so many prints and negatives lying around, but I only ever scanned a handful into my computer. That said, I still consider many of these images to be among my best.

All of these were developed by me in the darkroom. I believe I used Ilford paper but I can’t remember what film I shot with. I also can’t seem to find the camera or the lenses..

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Adirondack Adventure (Gallery)

Over Memorial Day Weekend, my girlfriend and I spent some time deep in the Adirondacks – it was beautiful. I finally took some photos again while we were there and it felt great. Below are a few from our adventures.

Lenses: Nikon 85mm 1.4; Nikon 18-200mm 3.5

17 camp kettle-w-4

17 camp kettle-w-9

17 camp kettle-w-13

17 camp kettle-w-5

17 camp kettle-w-16

17 camp kettle-w-22

17 camp kettle-w-24

17 camp kettle-w-19

17 camp kettle-w-28

17 camp kettle-w-42

17 camp kettle-w-34

17 camp kettle-w-46

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Monmouth County Landscapes (Gallery)

I keep digging up photos I totally forgot about, but I will post some current work soon. These were shot in the fall of 2013 as part of a landscape photo project. All taken in Monmouth County, NJ and shot with Nikon D7000.

Lenses: Nikon 35mm 1.8; Tokina 11-16mm 2.8

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US Open of Surfing 2012 (Gallery)

Just going thru some old work. I shot these photos in Huntington Beach, CA at the 2012 US Open of Surfing. Got to meet some cool people and watch some of the best surfers tear up small but rippable HB. Shot with Nikon D7000 and Sigma 150-500mm.

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