Waves of New Jersey (Gallery)

These are some of my favorite shots of the surf in NJ that I’ve taken over the years. I love capturing the feel of an empty, perfect wave – as a surfer, these photos get me going and make me want to paddle out! Despite the way it looks, I also love the dark “chocolate brown” color of the water in some of these shots – it really gives it that ominous, heavy feel. I have great memories of each of these sessions and I’m hoping we have more of this coming our way this spring!

Video of the Week // 4.5.15

Here’s a video for this week featuring Bobby Martinez, that guy who got really pissed at the ASP a few years back. I’m kidding. Bobby has some of the sickest rail and tube skills in the game and after he left the tour, he kept on doing it all under the radar. Check out this clip for some slow-mo goofy foot tube riding.

Video of the Week #2 // 2.8.15

So, since the other video for this week was more of a laugh than anything else, I give you this sick surf video. It features Derek Peters and Lee WIlson absolutely killing it in Indo. My God, that last scene is mind blowing. Sweet soundtrack too from The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Directed by Blaine Suque.