Video of the Week // 4.5.15

Here’s a video for this week featuring Bobby Martinez, that guy who got really pissed at the ASP a few years back. I’m kidding. Bobby has some of the sickest rail and tube skills in the game and after he left the tour, he kept on doing it all under the radar. Check out this clip for some slow-mo goofy foot tube riding.


Video of the Week // 3.29.15

This is a great video in a bunch of ways. Kyle Martin has sick style, so that’s great. The soundtrack is pretty great too. Not to mention, the footage they put together of Kyle to go along with it is so nuts you could almost say it’s beautiful. Enjoy.

Video of the Week // 3.8.15

This week’s Video of the Week comes to you from Bear Mountain, California. It’s the latest of the Sunday in the Park videos that Transworld puts out every week as long as they have snow. For this one, it looks like they actually got some fresh. And as always, they got some slick moves. Enjoy.